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the Agreement. Productivity costs The duration of absence from work due to work-related health problems and occupational accidents is provided in the EU-LFS. For the calculations over a 5 year period were made. Therefore we have taken estimates from the literature on the types of injuries and illnesses suffered by workers in the fishing industry These proportions have been multiplied by the total number of hospitalisations for accidents and work-related health conditions, to provide an estimate of the. In section 2 the EU policy context problems was further explained. The total reported labour cost has been divided by the total number of workers from the DCF report to estimate the labour cost per worker. Thirdly, the EU social partners sought to improve the image of the sector, which they considered had deteriorated due to environmental issues, the decline in fish stocks, general disinvestment in the sector but also unattractive working conditions for young and skilled workers. Il-health due to occupational diseases or the after-effects of injuries and accidents have a negative impact on workers' well-being and push them to leave the sector. With regard to the medical certificate Italy, Sweden and Ireland need to make some adjustments with regard to the content of the medical examination required, but the medical certificate as such exists. The population affected by the change in legislation is workers on vessels larger than 24m. The Swedish authorities indicated that they will need to change their working time legislation, but did not provide any further details. Nous sommes la prolongation dun véritable magasin de pche de 300 m installé à, villeneuve-Loubet, entre, nice.

For example, in the case of an accident or serious illness, workers could be repatriated by some Flag States or abandoned in a foreign port by others. Among the self-employed, the Netherlands (37) and Germany (31) feature the highest share of self-employed with employees, whereas their share is lowest in Finland, Malta, Poland and Lithuania, where there are none (0). These conditions should be fulfilled at the time when the agreement was signed. DE, DK, FR, IT, LT, SE and UK EE, EL, FI, HR, IE, LV, NL, PT and.What are the impacts and who will be affected? The number of vessels over 24 metres in the fleet of each Member State is included in the DCF figures. The unit of analysis used to estimate the population is represented by the number of stakeholders which are affected by each article of the agreement. PT, SE, SI and UK BG, ES, HR, IE, IT, LT od and water on board Article 25 of ILO.188 provides that food carried and served on board be of a sufficient nutritional value, quality and quantity. Recurrent costs Recurrent costs would be related to the provision of food and water, medical certificates, covering the cost of repatriation, medical treatment on board and ashore, risk assessment). Spain will be impacted to a lesser extent, as a right to repatriation exists. In six Member States the number of accidents increased. The Directive on Temporary Agency Work (2008/104/EC) defines a general framework applicable to the working conditions of temporary workers in the European Union. Article 2 (c) of Directive 93/103/EC Existing fishing vessel: any fishing vessel with a length between perpendiculars of 18 metres or over and which is not a new fishing vessel;.

Mackerel: EU, Norway the Faroe Islands agreed on a 20 reduction in catches.
Coastal States also agreed to further reduce the catches in a progressive manner, by 2020, in order to be fully in line with @ices_ASC s scientific advice.
(1) reduction of entangling and avoid possible mortality of sensitive species in floating objects, release and handling practices, etc.
(2) reducing mortality of non-target species: acoustic discrimination and escape windows.
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