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of the Puck species. In the entirety of Jack the Giant Slayer, there is not one single female giant seen. As this world lacks childbirth (or children and sex appears completely disconnected from procreation, a number of races we've encountered might be all male (or possibly female for some elf variants we're sure about the archons. I think you know Im highly responsive and available outside of regular hours when I need to be, but its important to me to me to have space on evenings and weekends when I can disconnect. Though male pronouns are generally used if necessary. Open/close all folders Anime and Manga The Namekians of Dragon Ball. The Alpha Cygnans in Project A-ko are all female. According to Word of God, the original inhabitants of Telos, the Cryons, are an all-female race.

Since this was 20-some years ago, the practice (in this shop at least) was that. The One-Gender Race trope as used in popular culture. Not a tribe, but an entire race or group of humanoids inexplicably made up of one sex. I currently have an older cell phone (not a smart phone) for personal use.

I have texting and voicemail.
Although I am under 30, I am comfortable with this.
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This means that by the time Nemo met his father in Finding Nemo, he would have actually been his mother. Instead, this seems to be only the case for unicorns and pegasi, as all the males seen in that episode are Earth ponies. Male fairies are never seen or mentioned, indicating that they can't be fairies. Partly because the race feels that nothing new is gained from merging with other asari, and partly because only "pureblooded" asari can be born with a genetic birth defect that turns them into deadly sex vampires. They mate with the females of other Faerie-kind (some varieties of which are all-female male offspring are Dwarves, while female offspring are the same kind of Fae as their mother. They use the few males only for breeding. I'd like to add a disclaimer to my story. The alien impact this has on a biologically male outside observer is a major part of the plot. The Stars Are Legion by Kameron Hurley is set on a series of worlds with all-female inhabitants. They can reproduce by parthenogenesis, which is why they all look so similar.

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